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The Joyful Tradition of "You've Been Elfed":   Spreading Holiday Cheer

The Joyful Tradition of "You've Been Elfed": Spreading Holiday Cheer

Posted by Leslie on Sep 14th 2023


The holiday season is a time for merriment, goodwill, and the creation of lasting traditions. If you like Elfin’ Around with your Christmas elf during the holidays, "You've Been Elfed" is another fun tradition to spread holiday cheer to friends and family. Whether you're already familiar with this tradition or curious to learn more, this blog post will dive into the origins, rules, and joys of "You've Been Elfed."  


The tradition of "You've Been Elfed" is believed to have originated in North America, gaining popularity during the early 2000s. It was created as a way to foster community spirit and bring neighbors together during the holiday season. Similar to "Secret Santa," this tradition involves anonymous gift-giving, but with a whimsical twist.


Select a festive container.

1. Bucket   2. Pail  3. Gift Bag  4. Bowl with Handles


Fill the container with small gifts, treats, or holiday-themed items.

1. Christmas Party Glasses  2. Elf Headband  3. Twizzlers  4. Candy Cane Striped Socks  5. Merry Chip-mas Bag    6. Elf Ears 7. Christmas Dots  8. Green Crinkle Grass


Attach a note explaining the concept of "You've Been Elfed" and include instructions for the recipient.

Secretly deliver the container to a neighbor's doorstep, ring the bell, and quickly retreat undetected.

The recipient, upon discovering the gift, is encouraged to continue the tradition by creating their own "You've Been Elfed" gift and passing it along to another neighbor.


To keep the tradition alive and exciting, there are a few rules often associated with "You've Been Elfed." While these rules may vary from place to place, they generally aim to maintain the element of surprise and inclusion. Here are some common guidelines:

Rule 1:  If you receive an "Elf" gift, display the provided sign on your front door or window to let others know you've already been elfed.

Rule 2:  Within a few days, assemble your own "You've Been Elfed" gift and anonymously deliver it to a neighbor who has not yet been elfed.

Rule 3:  Encourage recipients to participate by leaving a note inside the gift, expressing their enjoyment and gratitude, and suggesting they pass it along to someone new.


The "You've Been Elfed" tradition brings numerous joys and benefits to participants.

Community Bonding:  "You've Been Elfed" fosters a sense of camaraderie and neighborly connection, promoting unity and goodwill within a neighborhood or community.

Surprises and Delight: Receiving an unexpected gift from an anonymous source brings a sense of magic and wonder, enhancing the holiday spirit for both children and adults.

Creativity and Fun: Crafting a unique "You've Been Elfed" gift allows participants to unleash their creativity and bring joy to others through thoughtful gestures and surprises.

Spreading Happiness: The act of anonymously gifting others with tokens of kindness and holiday cheer brings immense happiness not only to the recipients but also to the givers.

In a world where personal connections and community bonds are increasingly valuable, traditions like "You've Been Elfed" serve as delightful reminders of the power of small acts of kindness. 

By participating in this heartwarming tradition, individuals can bring joy and unity to their neighborhoods, fostering a sense of togetherness that is truly priceless. 

So, why not embrace the spirit of "You've Been Elfed!”


1. Instructions 2. Window Sign 3. Gift Tag 4. Chip Bag